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10 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Buenos Aires

We spent a sunny and warm weekend outdoors at all the parks, ferias, and outdoor spots in Buenos Aires. But we awoke this morning to a chilly, rainy city. That is no reason to despair! Buenos Aires has a ton of great indoor things to do and see that you tend to overlook on the beautiful sunny days.

1. Spend the day at the Museum
In Buenos Aires it’s easy to spend a day at a Museum. Check out the Evita and MALBA museums then have a great lunch at the museum restaurant, both of these museums have excellent cafes. Live like a Porteno and have an extended lunch and take refuge from the rain soaked city.


Cafe at MALBA

2. El Ateno Bookstore
Take some time and browse around the “bookstore to end all bookstores”. Get lost in this grand bookstore housed in an old opera house and forget about the rain outside. Pick out a book or magazine and enjoy it while lounging in a cafe. Avenida Santa Fe 1860.

3. Lounge in a Cafe
At every hour you will find Portenos sitting and reading in a cafe with not a care in the world. Take a cue from them and don’t try to slog your way through the city in the rain. Take a break, bring a book, and enjoy a coffee.


Cafe Cortado

4. Cafe Tortoni
Cafe Tortoni is not the cafe you want to lounge in (unless you like being surrounded by hordes of tourists) but it is a must-see in Buenos Aires. Stop by and tick visiting one the most famed and oldest cafes in the city off your list while enjoying a submarino and churros in old world elegance. A submarino is a submarine shaped chocolate that you drop into hot or steamed milk. Stir up and enjoy!

5. Go Underground
Check out the Manzana de las Luces or “Block of Enlightenment”. Take a tour of this historic Jesuit community and learn about all the history that has taken place there after it served as home to several government institutions. You will also get to take a peek at the secret tunnels that connected to different parts of the city. Tours take place at 3PM.


Manzana de Las Luces

6. Go to the Movies
Go grab some popcorn and check out a movie. Most new releases are in English with Spanish sub-titles so you will still be able to understand the dialogue even if your Castellano is weak.

7. Museo Particitivo de Ciencas
This one’s for the kids.  The Museo Participativo hands on science museum is loads of fun for kids no matter what the weather outside. Lots of activities to keep the kids entertained and they might even learn something along the way.


Aidan at the Museo Participativo

8. Take a cooking class
If rain is in the forecast plan on taking a cooking class. Learn how to make traditional Argentine dishes with Teresita, or if you want something more eclectic Casa Saltshaker also offers a variety of innovative cooking classes that are sure to inspire.

9. Go Shopping
Buenos Aires has several indoor shopping malls (Alto Palermo, Abasto, and Galerias Pacifico) where you can browse and of course they host plenty of coffee shops to stop and have a cafe. If you have kids the Alto Palermo mall has a game arcade. Abasto even has a children’s museum, Museo de los Ninos.

10. Take a walk in the rain
Grab an umbrella or a raincoat and pick out a walking tour. The streets are less crowded and you will have the city practically to yourself to explore!

Museo Evita

A little rain doesn't stop us

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  • Clint November 9, 2010, 11:03 am

    Great guide!

    I would love to hear more about how you manage this with two energetic boys. Maybe a post on parenting tips?

    • Russ November 10, 2010, 12:58 pm

      That’s a good idea Clint. We could also try to get that article sponsored by Benadryl!

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